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Medicare Options for Beneficiaries

If you are a person who is now eligible for Medicare and are interested in the options available to you, you have come to the right website. Health Plans of America has the tools, resources and information to help you make smart decisions about Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans. But first, let’s learn more about Medicare...

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a Social Security benefit for which individuals age 65 and older or individuals under age 65 that have certain disabilities (such as permanent kidney failure (ESRD) or ALS), may be eligible. Essentially, Medicare is a federally-funded health insurance program that covers treatment of acute medical conditions or those conditions from which individuals usually recover. Medicare attempts to provide reasonably priced, quality healthcare to the segment of the population that generally lives on a restricted income. Medicare is provided in four parts, Parts A-D, and each part covers specific services. Most people eligible for Medicare are covered under the Original Medicare Plan. Individuals covered by this plan pay a portion of their health care costs as well as an additional premium, referred to as a deductible and coinsurance, for Parts A and B.

Medicare Supplement Plans — Otherwise referred to as “Medigap” insurance, these plans help pay for “gaps” in Original Medicare. There are 10 standardized plans available in most states. Each plan type covers a different combination of out-of-pocket Medicare costs.

Medicare Part C Plans — Otherwise referred to as “Medicare Advantage”, these plans replace traditional Medicare with a private health insurance plan that offers the same benefits and possibly additional benefits. They work like an HMO or PPO health plan. They limit out-of-pocket expenses every year and may require you to stay in-network for services that sometimes include drug coverage.

Medicare Part D Plans — Covers the cost of outpatient prescription drugs. You can get Part D coverage through a stand alone prescription drug plan that you can use alongside Original Medicare, or you can join a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part D drug coverage. They have a Formulary or List of Covered Drugs, and only Formulary drugs count as out-of-pocket.

If you have any questions about Medicare plans, coverage, or services; please call us at the toll-free number at the top of this page.

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