Are You Missing Out on These Health Insurance Perks?

by Natalie Stefan

It is in the best interest of your health insurance to ensure that you are healthy. That’s why companies offer certain perks and benefits to help keep your health on track. Depending on your insurance carrier, taking advantage of these perks can even get you discounts on some of your favorite things. Here are some of the things health insurance companies are giving to their members:

    • Money for meeting your walking steps goal – some insurance companies have apps that allow you to set goals and track progress. For reaching or surpassing your goals, you can get gift cards as a reward for taking care of your health.
    • Gym fee reimbursement – even though gyms can be expensive, health insurance companies want you to go to take care of your health. Some will offer a reimbursement for you and sometimes even your spouse.
      • Call your doctor or nurse for free – depending on your healthcare provider, you can call your doctor or nurse, talk about your symptoms, and then they’ll tell you your next steps. Whether it be an in-person visit or staying at home and resting, you’ll know what to do.


    • Free preventive care – according to the Affordable Care Act, those who had insurance plans by March 23, 2010, will have their preventative care visits covered. Things like blood pressure tests, breast or colon cancer screenings, routine vaccines, HIV screenings, and well-baby visits are all considered preventative care and are covered.

Get full access to all these amazing benefits by talking to your insurance provider today!

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