Medicare Keywords, How Much do You Know?

by Natalie Stefan

Medicare is a federal health program for people 65 years of age and older. When choosing a Medicare plan, there are a lot of terms to understand and know. The most basic of terms are outlined here for your convenience:

  • Premium: the monthly amount you pay to have the plan
  • Deductible: the amount you must pay up to before your medicare plan incurs the costs
  • Co-pay: the specific amount your insurance asks the insurer to pay for specific services
  • Co-insurance: the percentage amount the insurer is responsible for after your deductible is met
  • Max-out-of-pocket limit: in the worst-case scenario, this is the most the insurer would be responsible to pay for

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The Big Health Insurance Plans to Know

by Natalie Stefan

When it comes to health insurance, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the available types. What makes one different from the other? Which one do you need? Continue reading on to find out what you need to know about each type.

  • Health Maintenance Organization plans (HMO): these are one of the more popular ones. An entire network of providers agrees to offer you its services. The caveat is that you need to have a primary care provider (PCP) who coordinates all of your health care services and any visits to a specialist. If you go out of network, you will incur a fee for that. This plan is good for people who like to see their PCP on a regular basis.

  • Preferred Provider Organization plans (PPO): in this plan, you and your family can see any health care provider in a network, even a specialist, without a referral. This plan is good when people like to see specialists regularly.

  • Exclusive Provider Organization plans (EPO): with this plan, you have access to all of the health care providers within the EPO network, specialists included. This type of plan is good for those who don’t visit their primary care physician often, and therefore don’t mind limiting themselves to a specific provider network.

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Are You Missing Out on These Health Insurance Perks?

by Natalie Stefan

It is in the best interest of your health insurance to ensure that you are healthy. That’s why companies offer certain perks and benefits to help keep your health on track. Depending on your insurance carrier, taking advantage of these perks can even get you discounts on some of your favorite things. Here are some of the things health insurance companies are giving to their members:

    • Money for meeting your walking steps goal – some insurance companies have apps that allow you to set goals and track progress. For reaching or surpassing your goals, you can get gift cards as a reward for taking care of your health.
    • Gym fee reimbursement – even though gyms can be expensive, health insurance companies want you to go to take care of your health. Some will offer a reimbursement for you and sometimes even your spouse.
      • Call your doctor or nurse for free – depending on your healthcare provider, you can call your doctor or nurse, talk about your symptoms, and then they’ll tell you your next steps. Whether it be an in-person visit or staying at home and resting, you’ll know what to do.


    • Free preventive care – according to the Affordable Care Act, those who had insurance plans by March 23, 2010, will have their preventative care visits covered. Things like blood pressure tests, breast or colon cancer screenings, routine vaccines, HIV screenings, and well-baby visits are all considered preventative care and are covered.

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Medicare Part B Premiums Expected to Lower by $5 in 2023

by Natalie Stefan

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that the monthly premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance for Medicare Part A and Part B are expected to decrease by about $5 (or 3%) in the coming year. This is the first time a cost like this has been lowered in more than a decade.

According to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, federal spending on the new Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm, will not be as high as initially projected, which has contributed to this pay decrease in premium.

Medicare Part B covers things like doctor visits, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and other medical and health services that are not covered by Medicare Part A. 

Each year the Medicare Part B premium, deductibles, and coinsurance rates change (typically as an increase), depending on the Social Security Act. In 2023 the standard monthly premium for enrollees of Medicare part B will decrease to $164.90 from $170.10. 

2023 Open Enrollment for Medicare will begin on October 15 and will end on December 7, 2022. People eligible for Medicare can compare coverage options between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Part D prescription drug plans for 2023. 

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The Top Five Health Insurance Terms You Need to Know

by Natalie Stefan

Health insurance terminology can be hard to follow at times, but we’ve broken down the five most important ones to note:

    • Premium – while you pay a monthly bill for your health insurance, the cost of said premium doesn’t necessarily equate to the cost of the health care services.
    • Deductible – this is the out-of-pocket amount you must pay for health care services before your health insurance takes effect. Once you’ve paid your deductible, you still may be required to pay copays or coinsurance until you hit your limit for those payments.
    • Copayment – also known as “copay” is a fixed amount you pay for a service or medication. This is often the way health insurance companies will split the cost with you after you’ve met your deductible.
    • Coinsurance – unlike copay, coinsurance is not a fixed cost. Instead, it’s a percentage of the cost you pay for covered insurance until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum.

    • Maximum out-of-pocket – this is sometimes called the out-of-pocket limit, which is the most you would ever have to pay for health care services in a year. Every dollar you pay toward your deductible, copayment, or coinsurance counts toward your out-of-pocket limit. Monthly premiums, on the other hand, don’t count.

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Did you know that Original Medicare only covers a portion of your needs?

by Natalie Stefan

In a society where health and safety are rapidly changing, having Medicare coverage is of the utmost importance. However, Original Medicare does not account for office visits and prescriptions. That is where a Medicare Supplement Plan, also known as Medigap, comes to your aid.

Since most Medigap plans are standardized and can be used with any medical provider who accepts Medicare, having a Medigap plan gives you all the added benefits while staying with the doctor you feel most comfortable with.

There are three ways in which Medigap plan premiums are calculated: issue-age rated, attained-age rated, and community rated. Understanding your needs and options will help you determine which plan and insurance provider to choose. Still have questions and want more information? Health Plans of America does all the hard work for you by offering information and resources to help you make informed decisions. Don’t wait!