Beware of these Top Five Medicare Misconceptions

by Natalie Stefan

How much do you know about Medicare? For something necessary for so many people, it’s something that many do not understand. Here at Health Plans of America, we wanted to provide clarification on some common myths around Medicare.

    • Myth #1 – Medicare Part B is free: a common misconception is that this plan is free, but unfortunately it is not. Just like Medicare Parts A and C, Part B also has a deductible, copay, and coinsurance.
    • Myth #2 – You can enroll in Medicare whenever: this is also not true. There are certain qualifications you must fall into to enroll in Medicare outside of the designated time, but otherwise, there are enrollment rules.
    • Myth #3 – Medicare costs the same for everyone: not necessarily the case. Depending on what Medicare coverage plan you have, health services and items will cost differently from others. 
    • Myth #4 – Medicare Covers Everything: if only this were true. Medicare Part AHow well-versed are you in the nuances of Medicare? Despite being essential for many, understanding it seems to elude a significant number of individuals. Health Plans of America aims to dispel common myths surrounding Medicare to bring clarity.

      Myth #1 – Medicare Part B is free: Many mistakenly believe this plan comes without a cost. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Similar to Medicare Parts A and C, Part B entails a deductible, copay, and coinsurance.

      Myth #2 – Enrollment in Medicare is unrestricted: Contrary to popular belief, there are specific qualifications for enrolling in Medicare outside the designated timeframe. Adherence to enrollment rules is crucial.

      Myth #3 – Uniform Medicare costs for everyone: The reality is different. Depending on your chosen Medicare coverage plan, the costs of health services and items vary.

      Myth #4 – Medicare Covers Everything: If only it were that simple. While Medicare Part A covers hospital stays and inpatient services, Part B handles doctor and outpatient visits. However, prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing services, and fitness are not covered.

      Myth #5 – Medicare and Medicaid are interchangeable: Despite both being government programs, they serve distinct purposes. Medicare caters to seniors or disabled individuals, while Medicaid is designed for those with limited income and resources.

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      only covers hospital stays and inpatient services. Medicare Part B covers things like doctor visits and outpatient visits. Things not covered are prescription drugs, dental, vision, or hearing services, and fitness. 

    • Myth #5 – Medicare and Medicaid are the same thing: while both are government programs, they serve different purposes. Medicare is for seniors or disabled persons, while Medicaid is for those who have limited income and resources.

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