Want to Save Money on Medigap? Read on to Find Out How

by Natalie Stefan

Did you know that there are many ways how to save money on Medigap? Here are our five ways to save:

  1. Consider a high deductible: in a High Deductible Plan F, both you and Medicare pay shares until you hit the plan’s premium.
  2. Utilize household discounts: some Medigap carriers offer discounts if both spouses use the same company.
  3. Give thought to an off-brand company: there are a number of highly-rated insurance companies that offer Medigap plans, even if you’ve never heard of them.
  4. Take advantage of free physical treatment: preventative care is of the utmost importance in early detection. Not to mention, it could lower your spending in the long run by maintaining your health at the get-go. 
  5. Shop around when rates increase: with every new company you apply to, there are a series of health questions you need to answer. Sometimes, you can get the exact same coverage 

With a few tips outlined above, the next step is to contact Health Plans of America to connect you to a licensed insurance agent. Reach out today to start your savings!

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